Chipley native, George Fisher co-founded Arrowhead Beef with Tom Pellizzetti in 2010. George, President of Live Cattle Operations is a third generation Florida cattleman and active in the Florida Cattleman’s Association operating G&S Farms, along with his wife Stacey. Tom, President of Customer Development at Arrowhead Beef, has a diverse background with lead innovation marketing for Tyson foods, and worked in sales for Nestle Purina and for Schreiber Foods. Tom’s former University of Florida animal science professor Dwayne Johnson introduced Tom to George, and together the pair envisioned a return to an era of simple, nutritious and locally grown foods. 

“Our vision is to take folks back to the times of regionally produced food. When your mom knew the butcher and the butcher knew the farmer,” says Tom.

They moved forward with Arrowhead Beef, LLC. and Tom says, “There is a growing awareness in mainstream food culture about how animals are raised, and the nutritional aspects of grass-fed beef.  There is something special about a locally grown farm-direct product.”

The company is a cooperative of family farms, local processors, and sales representatives known as Market Ambassadors selling to Floridians. 

Arrowhead Beef takes pride in featuring its Parthenais and Parthenais-influenced cattle that are raised in what has been trademarked as “herd-life harmony.” The cattle are never sent to feed lots or to industrial beef production, and all processing and aging is performed in small batches along with portioning and retail cuts. Tom says, “Herd-life harmony” is our promise that the cattle you’re supporting are kept on the land and not sent to an industrial big meat company. This means the cattle bypass feedlots, antibiotics, homogenization, and the animal retains its identity. Authenticity of the meat shines through. “We are like a small craft brewery but with cattle”, Tom adds.

Arrowhead Beef co-op growers adhere to the standard definition of grass and forage fed cattle, and will back up their word with signed affidavits. This means that the farmers use only the grass and forage as the feed source consumed for the lifetime of the animal, with the exception of milk consumed prior to weaning. Animals cannot be fed grain, grain byproduct, and must have continuous access to pasture during the growing season.

Tom says, “ Selling to the green markets enable us to do what we do. They have given our company life. The mainstream consumers are on board and adopting the grass fed mentality. Customers are tuned in. We now have a strong consumer base. The power is coming back to the people.”

About Products & Animals

Raised right and sent off good™ is our motto for live cattle operations, lead by George Fisher, which transcends into super-premium grass-fed beef.

“Raised Right…” is our 100% pasture-raised lifestyle, free from any administered hormones, anti-biotics  or pesticides. No corn or grains are ever fed and cattle are free to pursue their individual curiosities and bonding nature.

“…and Sent Off Good” is everything we do to finish with a low-stress slaughter and hang lean, tender grass-fed beef carcasses on the rail for aging and cutting. Cattle are transported in small groups directly from our pastures to our brand new, USDA-inspected processing partner, Westville Meats.

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